About Knox Artifacts

Knox Artifacts is a large free standing, 2200 square feet ancient art gallery located in the heart of down town Scottsdale’s gallery center. We are located at:

Location Temporarily Closed Due to Covid-19
7056 E. Main St. Suite B
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Mailing Address
18521 E. Queen Creek Road
Ste 105-629
Queen Creek, AZ 85142

Knox Artifacts: (480) 874-1007

We are open to the public 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM  Tuesday – Saturday (MST)

Knox Artifacts has supplied collectors and museums around the world with thousands of artifacts for display. We have a huge amount of inventory available ranging from Pre-Columbian, Egyptian, Middle Eastern, Roman, pre-historic Native American, and Greek artifacts, not all are shown here. If you have any questions or are looking for a specific piece or culture type please contact us. We have also purchased several important collections and museums and pass the pieces onto you. Antiquities are not just beautiful pieces of ancient art, but also a great investment as antiquity values continue to increase over the years.


Knox Artifacts will do online appraisals of your pieces and let you know it’s true value and if it is real at no cost. At times we will require you send the artifact to us so that it can be authenticated. We purchase collections of antiquities and American coins, consignments are available. We have worked with several museums doing appraisals and authentication across the country. We carry artifacts ranging in all values.

Terms of Liability

We guarantee all items sold by Knox Artifacts have not been stolen, forged, or restored, without being so stated, and further that items offered have not been excavated, purchased, traded or sold in violation of 1 {The Federal Antiquities Act of 1906, 2 {The Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 {Indian Reservations, B.I.M., National Forests, National Parks, ect.}, 3 {State Archeological Resource Protection Acts {to include all state lands}, 4 {State imposed regulations to Archaeological excavations on private deeded property, and further that the seller, Fort Knox Antiquities of the sold item has legal title to the property, such that, legal title transfers to and vests in the ultimate purchaser of the property.


Knox Artifacts is a full standing member of A.T.A.D.A (Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association) and A.A.C.A. (Authentic Artifact Collectors Association). We do authentication work for many large appraisal companies, including the Heard Museum of Phoenix and the Arizona museum of Natural History. Several of our pieces are on display in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Chicago Art Institute and The de Young Museum just to name a few.

Walter Knox

Knox Artifacts Gallery