Veracruz Openwork Stone Hacha of Deer #P1002


Veracruz Openwork Stone Hacha of Deer

Culture or Country: Veracruz, Mexico

Period: Ca. 600 – 900 A.D.

Size: 10.25” H.

Description: Carved gray volcanic stone hacha, surface pigmented with red cinnabar. Carved in profile on both sides depicting a semi-abstract head, openwork carved element in the rear center. Cream pigment highlights in one eye. Intact, exc. cond. A rare type displayed on custom steel stand. Hachas take their name from the ax-like shape of many of these portable sculptures (“hacha” is Spanish for “ax”) were used as a part of the Mesoamerican ball game rituals.

Provenance: Private Nevada collection, ex. Dr. David Harner collection, Arkansas, 1950s-60s, Ex Arte Primitivo Gallery NYC.

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