Detailed Mayan Incense Burner of Arm #p1004


Detailed Mayan Incense Burner of Arm #p1004

Culture or Country: Guatemala

Period: Ca. 500 A.D. – 850 A.D.

Size: 11”L

Description: Chocolate ware pottery incense burner having an arm-form handle, wearing an elaborately decorated, detailed bracelet, and terminating with a hand having long slender fingers, with nicely detailed with fingernails. Intact with no restoration or repairs. These incensarios would have been used for burning Copal, the name given to tree resin, particularly the aromatic resins from the copal tree. These were a particularly important part of Maya religious ceremonies.

Provenance: Private CA. collection. Ex. Stendahl collection, CA., Ex- Arte Primitivo Gallery NYC.

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